Question about a content calendar

I am in the process of creating a social media calendar for our team to share. After reviewing some of the blog posts (here and here), I still have a basic question that I haven’t seen answered anywhere.

Let’s say I know I am going to publish a post on Monday, June 29 called BasketWeaving Essentials. How do I do this in Asana?

  • In Asana, do I post the Task with a due date of June 29 and then conduct the workflow in comments? (FYI - I use the Free version).
  • In Asana, can I use sections to act as a workflow and then set due dates for each individual section?

Make sense?

Hello @KingZooropa, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

If you are using the free version you are a bit limited and won‘t be able to use rules, custom fields, etc
However yes I agree, I would set up the stages in sections. After the „Ready to Publish“ section I‘d probably add one for published.
But due dates per section you cannot really set this.

I would keep the sections and then create one task per post for which you assign a due date and add all infos required for the post (Image, hashtags, etc)
You might also wanna consider using a social media scheduling tool as this can save you some time as well and you can schedule more in advance.
Hope that helps

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