Push Notifications at 'Due Time'



Any update after 3 years ? It’s a MUST have !


+1 bumping this… I am failing to complete certain tasks on time as i missed out the due date & time…


Any news on this feature?

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This would be an amazing feature to have. Can it be considered after 4 years now ?

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This topic seems to be linked with Alerts at a set time - #50 by Allen_Bryan as well – I’m hoping for an answer on why this is not a major priority, at least as a feature that can be created in an integration.

Second this!

Please correct me but I think this highly requested feature is on the way: See what’s coming to our Asana mobile apps!:calling: - Announcements / Product Updates - Asana Community Forum

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Yes it is @Giorgos_Noulikas


I’ve just returned to Asana, moved over all my tasks etc from various different apps, only to realise the Asana does indeed NOT give me a push notification at “Due Time”. Yes, the latest announcement says it does, but I get no notifications through for due tasks.
Does Asana only update at midnight? If yes, does this mean that if I today set a task for later on today, I will actually not get a notification?

This is absurd. 4 years and nothing. The explanation given by Alexis (I think) back in 2017 was the most unhelpful info ever. It’s as if the developers don’t actually use Asana! I’m dumping this and going back to OmniFocus. It’s stupid expensive but at least it’s logical and works.


Hi Bastien, is there a IOS or macbook version that my tech has to run on to ensure these push notifications come through?
I’m using Asana currently only for me personal life, but as a producer/project manager this feature is one that just has to be there, for any team to be able to function well. I love Asana for it many features, but I was honestly gobsmacked to learn that this push notification still hasn’t been added. To be fair, I can only blame myself for not checking this feature before moving all my stuff over but then again, it’s a feature that everyone assumes is there for a project management tool.

Thanks for the link, that was really helpful and you’re right, that post definitely says its on the way.
@Erica_Conti Any idea when push notifications on iOS at the start or due time of a task will be available to all users? I’m a software developer and happy to participate in an external beta for your app!

I rigged up a simple temporary solution. If you have a premium account, you can setup a rule to get a slack notification at the time the task is due. If you’re using it for personal, you can just create a slack account and set it to send a message in a channel. It only works for tasks and not sub-tasks though


@Benji1 Can you clarify how you created that rule? Our team has Premium and it appears we’re limited to the pre-made Rules, the closest of which to your solution is “Due date is approaching–>Move task to a certain section” and it doesn’t let you choose another function for the action other than moving to sections.

Unbelievable that this isn’t a native feature in Asana…

@anon12934118 you’re right, it’s only included in their higher tier subscription. I was in a free trial and didn’t realize it was only part of the business subscription. There is a company that offers software to get Asana working with Google Calendar so you can notifications when the task is due from google calendar. I believe it’s only $2.50/month and it’s linked somewhere above in this thread. If I can find it, I’ll drop it in a comment

@Erica_Conti it would be great to find out when approximately this feature will be live on the iOS app!

I found it. Thanks!

Starting some weeks ago, I started receiving push notifications at due time on the Android (beta) app (but not the web app).

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I only recently started using ‘due times’ for tasks, and I’m pretty sure I am getting push notifications for them on iOS consistently. While the function seems to be there, I did notice something odd; the reason I came to the forum today was that I got a push notification on my phone at the due time for a task which I had already completed a few days ago. It’s a recurring task, so the notification caused minor panic that I had missed the deadline this time.

Im curious if anyone else has seen this issue?