Push Notifications at 'Due Time'

Asana just released this feature this month!


I only want to put this here so this feature request doesn’t get closed. I have been explicitly asked if Asana can do reminders how google calendar does for meetings that are coming up, on a computer. While push notifications are happening on mobile, I don’t believe this feature addresses push notifications push notifications on the computer.

I say this because Asana is two features away, imo, from being able to replace all the practical things a calendar like google or outlook calendar does. Which is this and doing recurrence like third monday of the month.

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I really wanted this feature and couldn’t figure it out. I began to read this thread and was discouraged until I read Derek_Kelly 's comment about it being released recently. I went into the app and made sure all of the notifications were turned on, and tested it out. Sure enough, tasks now send notifications at the time they are due!! Super excited and relieved for this development! Thank you Asana for taking care of this!

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Hi everyone!
So has this been resolved or not yet?
I’m facing the same problem, I’m not getting any notifications for due times on iOS.
I’ve checked all settings and everything is turned on except emails notifications, but still nothing.
Any suggestions?

Hi could I check where is this push notification feature? I have it on under settings but I am not receiving any push notifications. I am on premium subscription.

Thank you

Welcome, @GM151,

I receive push notifications on Android.

Can anyone confirm for iOS?



I can see the “push notification” under settings, and have turned it “on”.
However I am not receiving any push notifications on my iPhone.
the task are mostly self created task as a reminder for myself. Will there be notifications for self created task?

I often set up group meetings I have to attend with a due date and a due time and it would be awesome to get a browser notification 5 or 10 minutes before the meeting begins.

As far as I know this only works for mobile devices , not desktop yet, right?

I’m on Android 13 and haven’t gotten a single push notification yet – neither due date nor due time. This seems like an essential and EXTREMELY basic feature… and it’s not working. Am I doing something wrong or is it just time for me to look for another app?

Welcome, @Michael109,

It’s been working fine for me (including today) on Android 13.

Perhaps try uninstalling/reinstalling, and checking settings in Android that you haven’t suppressed anything (in case you haven’t reviewed that already). If no luck, email support@asana.com.

Hope that helps,


Has this been sorted yet? I cannot see where notifications can be pushed through when a task is set with a date and time?