Push Completed Task to GSheet

Hi there,

I’d like to push completed tasks to a google sheet. Not just for a project, but for any project within my workspace. Is it possible ?

I found zapier can do this on a project level, but not at the workspace level…shame :cry:

Any idea how i could proceed ?

Thanks !

Hi Brice!

I haven’t tried this myself yet but I noticed IFTTT has an applet for adding completed tasks to google sheet.

It looks like it’s also at a project level so it may be just as helpful as Zapier at this point :slight_smile:.

Thought I’d mention it though in case it’s less labour intensive to add projects than Zapier.


Brice, Amy,

I’ve tried both Zapier and IFTTT - Unfortunately, they only work at the project level. Even if I create a new applet for each project, and add them to the same spreadsheet (or append to Evernote in my case), I would have to add a new applet for each new project. And, even then, it would not trigger for tasks not assigned to a project. Anyone have any workaround? It seems like it should work for every completed task…


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Same behaviour here. I’m “just” trying to push ALL completed tasks to a single google sheet, without relying on someone to create one new zap per new project.

@Engineering_Team would it be possible using the apis ?