Public content about a Workflow App


We are ready with our workflow app. And we want to record some videos and make them public (mainly, what you can do with Bitskout Workflow app).

We can record the videos without any details about the workflow app, just showing what no-code A.I. can do.

Is it allowed or we should wait for beta?


P.S. I can post some private links here so you can check.

Here is the example:

Hi @iliaZelenkin!

This is a very, very cool capability! But how is it using the App Components functionality? That’s not clear to me…

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Hi @Phil_Seeman!

I’ve tried to record it in a such way that you don’t really see how the App is configure (it is a rule with a trigger and an action).

I need someone from Asana to tell me that it is ok to show it otherwise I can just demo the functionality and then record to how to set it up when Asana lets us show our workflow apps.

Normally, pre-beta is not public, hence, my question above.


Ah, OK, that explains it!

I don’t know for sure - @AndrewWong could say - but I’m 92.75% sure that you can’t say anything publicly yet.

@Ross_Grambo @AndrewWong , any comments, please?

FYI Ross Grambo is no longer with Asana.

Hi @iliaZelenkin, my name is Katy and I am a product manager here at Asana. I’m so pumped that you are ready with your app! I’d love to better understand your goals for sharing this information and when/where you would plan to share the videos. Can you share a bit more?

As timing would have it, we are actually recruiting developers to talk with us about their experience creating apps as we get ready for a beta release so I have some time slots available for this week if you’d like to talk this over with us and give us feedback about your experience, we’d give you a $75 gift card for your time. If that is of interest check out my post here:

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Hi @Katy_McCreery,

Thanks for your response. We want to launch a marketing campaign for our product. We already have an approved PR announcing Bitskout as a tech partner of Asana and along with that, we wanted to launch the content demoing how our app works and what you can do in Asana with no-code A.I.

I’ve tried to record videos without showing in detail the app itself because our first line of content is to explain the value to get inbound leads.


P.S. We will be happy to give you the feedback, I will book the time.