Provide option not to include members/collaborators in a template

I think the templates maybe “anonymous” object.
When user creates a new project from a template, the new project must to replicate only:

  • session
  • task
  • subtask
  • task dependencies

By now if a user creates a new project from a template, ASANA mantains project members and task collaborators: it’s a bug!

I think that a user needs to mantain all the project settings, now may copy the project (even if it’s a template).
I think that a user needs only a model, must to use “create from template” and ASANA can’t import the members an collaborators settings.


Hi Asana’s Players, noone evaluated this topic?

Toc toc noone here?

Hi Riccardo,

I think the title of your post is misleading, which is probably one reason that people aren’t weighing in.

A bug is defined as something which behaves differently than it was designed to behave. I don’t think the fact that templates copy over members and collaborators is a bug; I think that’s the way the Asana folks designed it to work.

Now you might not like that design and would prefer that it behaved so it didn’t copy those elements, and that’s a totally valid request, which others have brought up as well (here’s one that I found). But to be clearer, you’re not reporting a bug but are making a request for a product change.

You might want to rename your post (or make a new one), something like “Provide option not to include members/collaborators in a template” or something like that; then people can vote on that.

Thank Phil, for you precious opinion.
I can’t rename this task.
We need to wait someone of Asana.

Oh, actually I can do it (as a “Forum Champion” :slight_smile: ). Did you want my suggested title or another?

Your title is good!!!

Thanks so much.