Projects from templates - project members


Let’s assume that within a team of 20 people, only two (A, B) are responsible for editting / maintaing a template. Nevertheless the template is visible to the entire team.

Now, if someone other than the two people, e.g. person C creates a project from the template, then apart from C, A and B are also always project members of that newly created project. Is that correct? if yes, why is that so? A and B should only be responsible for maintaining the template but shouldn’t always be necessarily be included in its execution…

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I think because theoretically, if they’re members of the template project, then part of the template is that they are members - so the settings carry over.

For instance, my event template - I maintain it, but the events manager is on there as a member of the project because she’s always going to need access to it, etc. - that’s a project setting that should remain regardless of the initial use of the template.

I would prefer that to having to add her each time. Now that’s a specific example, but the theory is that project members/owners/commenters are and should be part of the template(s).