Proofing & User Permissions: The Need for Additional Permission Types

Hi there, I work for a massive, global tech company. We have thousands of projects and hundreds of teams solely using Asana.

Many of the collaborators on our tasks come from outside my team to review the requests they have submitted, to review the assets our designers are providing back, etc. It’s truly a big collaboration.

I want to make a concerted effort to streamline the feedback loop for my team by emploring collaborators to use the ‘Add Feedback’ function any time they need adjustments on documents.

Unfortunately, in the case of my project, collaborators are users with comment-only access, and are not capable of (1) adding subtasks to a task and (2) they cannot make use of the Feedback feature.

It would be extremely helpful to grant comment-only users the ability to add subtasks and feedback to a task. The only workaround is to give users edit-access. However, edit access grants too much permission for these outside users and can lead to disruption in our workflow.

Therefore, the suggestion is to create an additional layer of access. I believe there are currently 3 levels: Comment-only, Edit, and Owner/Admin. Creating an additional layer of access between comment-only and edit would resolve the issue where collaborators from outside the project or team don’t have enough permission or have too much permission.

These are similar topics asking for the same resolution.

If needed, this thread can be moved to product feedback/feature requests.


Interesting idea. Indeed comment-only could have the ability to create subtasks :slight_smile:

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It would be great if there was a way that a super-admin had the ability to go into each member of a team and grant specific permissions or create user types with specific permissions for your org. Then you could have some people with comment-only access and some with sub-tasks but not tasks etc…

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That would help quite a bit!
I run into the issue of not being able to add the task to another project challenging. For example, I’ll add an Exec’s EA as a collaborate on a task the Exec is assigned. This helps keep it on the EA’s radar to help the Exec complete by the due date. However, since the EA is a collaborator they currently cannot add that task to the “1:1” mtg project they have with their Exec as an Agenda topic.

We have the same challenge as guests in our clients’ Asana projects. There’s no way to add items from the Client’s project to one of our internal team projects for action/discussion. No option to utilize the automation or additional important features, so it ends up being a lot of duplicate work and missed tasks.

Hey Sarah, Flowsana has some options that can run some of the automations you mentioned. I use it to execute a variety of things, happy to chat about capabilities if you need.

I recently created a post about Flowsana, we can improve it if it does not cover your need! 🦸 Flowsana, an essential add-on in the Asana ecosystem cc @Phil_Seeman Flowsana’s dad :slight_smile: