Allow commenters to give feedback (Proofing) on files

Hello All,

I am wondering if someone is using Asana for Proofing from their customers? As I found many features and buttons become hard to comprehend, and many times people click on the wrong button - the restriction of options with Commenter permissions are awesome.

The problem that I find is that Commenters can’t give feedback on files which is the main point on “commenting”

Now, I understand that with Commenter permissions the person can only comment - so they can’t create subtasks in a task (which is essential for proofing). But this is the only way I find useful for easy use for customers with small amount a functions in a tool they don’t use on a daily basis.

What do you think?


I would agree, and go one step further to say if they are assigned the task they should get the ability to add subtasks.