Proofing Google Drive PDF's

Google Drive PDF’s are attached as a link to the Live File - which is good.

However, you can’t proof those PDF’s since they are not native which basically means there’s no way to use the Approval Process workflow when it comes to Proofing our documents since most of them are located in google drive…

Just ran into this myself and have been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out why it wasn’t working. Turns out I needed to import via My Computer>Drive File Stream instead of directly from Google Drive. This doesn’t maintain a link back to the original file, but allows proofing. I don’t need to maintain a record of my markups in Drive so this method works for my purposes.

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You’re right.
However, that’s a decent workaround.

We don’t need a google drive integration for that, It’s like any other file on your PC - which means the Drive integration is partially cooked.