Projects Created from Templates Copy and Leave Rules Active

As I was working within Asana, I noticed that when I create rules within a custom template, the rules carry over, but they are automatically inactive. I have between 10-20 rules per project and going into each rule and activating the manually is time-consuming.

Is there a workaround for this? If not I think this would be a great thing to add to Asana in the future!

Possible solutions:

  • Have a Rules Library where all rules created in your platform are kept
  • Automate the rules to be “active” when transferring from a custom template to a project

I agree @Mike_Tammaro this is a time-consuming for myself as well. I think a toggle option for making the rules active when creating from a template would be the best solution, much like we can set start or end dates for the project when creating from a template.

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Thanks for your feedback, @Mike_Tammaro and @pdmcdermott! I just tested this and when I create a project from a template, all rules are copied over and they are active. Could you give me more details so I try to reproduce this? For example, does this happen on projects that have many rules only (10-20 rules) or you also experience this on projects with projects with 1 or 2 rules? Thanks!

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Hi @Emily_Roman,

Thanks for the reply! I went in and recreated all the rules I had in my custom template and created a new project as a test. There seemed to be a bug in my previous 20 attempts and completely deleting and recreating my rules, made it so the rules were active.

This could be an isolated incident but I am considering this problem fixed! Thank you for your help.

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Thanks for confirming, @Mike_Tammaro! Let me know if you experience this issue again, I’m happy to investigate further!

It seems like I am in the same boat as @Mike_Tammaro as well @Emily_Roman and it seems that my issue was also a one-time related incident since I just tested it again and it made the rules active. Thanks for replying though!

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