Projects are now shown below task description. Pleeeease put it back on top!



Hello everyone!

I have noticed that the list of projects the task belongs to – was moved below the task description. It was on the top, under the task name, until recently…

I see this as an unfortunate UI step because:

  • we have tasks that belong to more than two projects
  • the task’s list item (in the list of tasks of a project) shows only two project (on the right side)

Now we need to scroll down EVERY TIME we want to see in which projects the task is. And as most of the tasks have description, we need to scroll a lot :frowning:

Dear Asana team… would you please reconsider? This is really a inconvenient UI flow. And I would think that the “project” is superior to “task description” as an information about a task.



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