Projects and Duplicate Subtasks -- am I doing this right?

Hi there! I’m trying to organize a project correctly, but am getting confused. Please help. :slight_smile:

Please see the screenshot below.

  • I have a parent task called BIG PROJECT Intent Data Program Plan.
  • Inside that parent task, I have three subtasks:
    ** CASE STUDY: Write promo content (blog, social) in the brief for the ScienceLogic case study
    ** EMAIL NURTURE: Write the nurture emails for the Intent data Program Plan
    ** BLOG POST: Write a blog post to support Different Flavors of Intent Data

I have sections setup for the different stages of the workflow:

  • In Production (Active)
  • In Review
  • Done

Right now, the parent task is located in the In Production (Active) section. I like being able to click its name to see all three subtasks in one glance.

Here’s where I’m confused:

  • I would like to be able to move each of these subtasks through the workflow (In Production, In Review, Done).
  • I also still want the subtasks to be associated with the parent task and easy for me to find with one click.

Is that possible? How do I do this?

Hi @merubin75

Not without a couple of extra setps…

SubTasks don’t belong as default to the project. So No you can’t just move a SubTask through the different sections within that project.

However if you make each of the SubTasks as part of the project ie. by Doing ALT+P for the subtask and enter the project name. You will then be able to move the SubTask through the different sections within your project.

I hop that helps resolve your confusion…




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