Add Subtask to same Section as Parent Task

Asana’s apparent design flaw of not associating subtasks with their parent task’s project by default (or giving us the option to set it as default) is already annoying enough. It also seems that, when you manually associate the parent task’s project to the subtask, the subtask does not show up in the same section of the parent account task, and we have to manually place it there. I would ideally like to see the subtask show up not only in the same section but (in the list view, for example) immediately under the parent task. Is there a way to achieve this that I am not figuring out?

Hi @Jonathan_Macedo! Thank you for reaching out!

As it stands, to see the subtasks nested in the same section of the parent task the best way would be to manually associate it to the Section the moment you associated it to the Project.

I completely understand this not ideal and please note it’s something our team is aware and planning to solve as part of the general subtask redesign they’re planning to tackle but in the meantime this would be the best to achieve it.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! Have a nice Thursday! :slight_smile:

**N.B. This is still an unresolved issue 1.5 years later. **

Adding my voice to those requesting adequate resolution. Issue: needing to be able to set all new tasks & subtasks to inherit BOTH parent characteristics, AND a default Project.

Here’s the workflow that led me to seek out how to set a default Project (here, arriving at a frustrating response that amounts to “we’re working on it, try these workarounds you’ve already tried” answer). It took time and a lot of dead ends to get here and find out it’s already a KNOWN design flaw.

  1. Creating subtasks when viewing in My Tasks allows them to inherit parent features, but they lose the project list.

  2. Noticing they don’t show up in the correct Project list, I manually added each task to desired Project. Returned to Project list to see they’ve each been turned into a Task (not a nested subtask). Further, they’ve all shot to the top of the list and disrupted other team members shared space.

  3. Opening each subtask > … (More) > Advanced Actions > Make a subtask of

Puts the subtasks back where they’re supposed to be within the correct Project, BUT subtask then loses inherited details (due date, assigned to, etc), then having to be manually updated

Takeaway, YES, as long as we don’t use the My Tasks feature, these workarounds won’t have to be
done. BUT: in an organization with hundreds of outstanding tasks, this is not a solution when needing to focus only on OUR OWN tasks without the additional distraction.

Thanks in advance. These workarounds make an otherwise pleasant tool quite maddening.