Project views can now be used to manage different aspects of your projects!

Hello Asana Community :wave:

Have you ever wished you could use the different views of your project (List, Board, Timeline, Calendar) to manage various aspects of your project? Well, this is now possible with our new view-level custom field settings!

With this new feature, you’ll have the opportunity to set the visibility and order of your custom fields at the view level, allowing you to see different sets of custom fields on the different views of your projects. Once you figure out what information you want to see on each view, you can save them as your default layout.

Important note: we’re currently testing this feature via an A/B test, so you may not yet see it in your account. But providing all goes well; it will become available to all customers at the end of February :slight_smile: (8)


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Loving all these great updates!! :heart:
Seems like February is going to amazing… keep them coming :star_struck:


Thank you for this update!

But why not add also a more important feature that every user should be able to set an own default view as discussed in many threads here?


Hey @Solomon_Basch,
regarding what you are asking I recommend to comment here instead.

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This is a great feature, that’s for sure. However, the topic I was interested in is now closed due to this feature coming out.

Except this feature doesn’t fix the issue of different Sections per View. The Board View can be organised as a Kanban board and the List view as a Roadmap/Backlog view. Currently however that is not possible and you can’t filter per view either.

In other words. This topic is still relevant to keep open: Allow to have different columns in a same project depending on which view (Board or List) you're looking at - #75




Please see this new Product Feedback request I added and the explanation there.

And please vote for it.




Here is the fresh thread @lpb kindly created → Allow Board view columns to be associated to a custom field's options, similar to sorted sections in List view

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Whoopsie; forgot the most important part! Thanks, Marie!

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Awesome! My team would also love to be able to have specific sections minimized in Timeline view as a default layout! Any plans to make that possible?

Hey @anon94767895, have a look here.

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Hello Marie,
Great new feature! Is the multisort view by custom field available in portfolio view as well?

Hello everyone! Good news :slight_smile: This feature has been rolled out to 100% of our customers :tada:


Agreed, really hoping to see the ability to look at the Kanban board and have the columns pivot based on what I want to look at, by stage, by assign, by any single select column

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