Project Timeline Modeling

Our team is attempting to use Timeline as part of our planning process. We are looking to model, assign, and account for tasks being performed by outside vendors that are not Asana users. As we see it, outside vendors/resources impact the project timeline. Our project management team, should be able to assign a task to a “virtual user/vendor” and account for the time it may take for that vendor to complete the task. Our project managers will manage the outside vendor, but will keep track of the project inside of Asana.

I think the limitation here is that Asana is expecting everyone associated to the project be Asana users, and that is just not realistic.

Hoping the community can assist in helping here, as Asana support has been struggling to help. Thank you in advance for any insight or assistance.

You could set up a “vendor” who is linked to an email account within your organization that is set up by your IT dept specifically for this reason. Your project manager would have proxy rights to the mailbox so he/she could regularly clean out the system-generated emails which Asana sends every day.

Then you have a way to “assign” the vendor tasks outside of your team, but maintain the ability to track them within the project timeline.