Assigning tasks to an external company

Is it possible to assign a task to an external company and name it (only for information) without adding it to the project?

You can assign a task to anyone, even a guest. And a task does not have to belong to a project. Also, if you assign a task to a guest, they won’t even see the project it belongs to.

Does this help?

I just need to enter the name of the third party company that did the job without inviting them to the asana. If that's not possible, I understand.

I mean to create a virtual project user.

I have 2 options for you then:

  • use a Person custom field, instead of assigning
  • create a “fake” guest account for this provider. For example You don’t give them access, but you can at least have a nice picture and a clear name.

In this way, I have to set up separate email accounts for each company and I don’t want to do that

Then go with the other option Bastien suggested :wink:
You can now also trigger emails being sent via rule so that would probably come in handy: Gmail + Asana App Integration • Asana


You can accomplish this (with most mail tools including Gmail) with a single email account using the “+”, like,, etc. One email account, multiple Asana logins allowing unique assignment to companies.


I’ll try to do that, but it would be easier if you could add a (virtual user). Thank you and best regards.

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