Project Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically

It’s doubly frustrating when you have some of those tasks also in other projects! I am not pre-assigning the tasks due to this unfortunate oversight, but I want my Template’s tasks to include all the other projects and tags that need to be associated with it.

Man, I thought I was totally crazy or I messed something up. I’m glad it’s not just me, but I’m pretty disappointed that this is an issue - it really should show template tasks for inactive projects, that’s so clunky and cluttered!

Giving this a bump. This is a real problem for my team and is hampering Asana adoption and usage.
It looks like Project Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically - #49 by BrettInSeattle is very similar. Could we get them combined and have the votes added together? Currently 47 votes here and 35 votes on the other item.


We are also having issues with assignments in templates showing up in user’s tasks lists. We have a couple of templates for common tasks (such as employee on-boarding) where the assignee would always be the same, so we’d like to be able to clone those templates when a new instance of that type of project arises with assignees intact without the assignment for that template cluttering people’s task lists.

DITTO. Template assignments should not show up in a user’s assigned task list until teh template is turned into a live project.


Same here. Every time I make peace with the limitations of the current implementation of “Templates” I run into a new problem. I feel like templates were just too hacked together. Please separate tasks from projects. There are way too many workarounds for them.

  • Have to create a project to make a template. I don’t need this project though. Solution: Archive the project, right?
  • Can’t archive the project because it disappears from “Custom Templates Area”. Hacky workaround: Create a “Templates Team” (I can’t without paying double for the Templates Team account or switching to a business account.
  • I can’t do the above workaround without having to double my annual costs. Fine, I’ll deal with having the project in my work area. Except, now I have these tasks on the “My Tasks” list. Fine, I’ll mark them as complete.
  • Wait a minute! Now that I’ve marked them complete, they’re now missing from the template on future projects!

Asana, please help us on this. If you combined many of the feature requests regarding templates, they’d rank a lot higher. For example, the below list is for roughly the same thing. At the heart of these requests, everyone wants one thing: Templates separated from projects! Almost every complaint I’ve read today about templates would be solved by simply separating templates from projects. A few of the requests I’ve found that would be fixed if we just removed the dependency templates have on a project are right here:


FYI my Flowsana integration solves this issue in its Dynamic Duration workflow, using an “Assign To” custom field which stores the person to be assigned the task; then when it comes time for the task to be performed (because its dependencies have been completed), Flowsana automatically assigns the task. So it doesn’t appear in a user’s My Tasks list until it can actually be started.

I’ve been creating Custom Templates for our business and assigning tasks and subtasks to users. The problem is that when I create the template the tasks are showing up in “My Tasks” for all users. Is there a way to assign users in a template and have them not show up in “My Tasks” until a project is created using that template?

I believe the answer to this is no. A template is a project and many have brought up this issue. I have suggested that you use a tag for the Assignee in the template as a holder and then when the template is actually activated use access the tag (name of assignee) and do a multi task select to add the person to the Assignee filed. This possible could be done in a similar manner with a custom field.

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This has been indeed an issue for a lot of people, I flagged your question so the moderation team can merge it into the existing thread.


Hi @Arthur_King, this is a great question and, as @Bastien_Siebman said, we already have a tread on this topic with more information about this feature request. I have gone ahead and merged your post with Template tasks showing for users. Please don’t forget to vote to contribute to this feature request. Let me know if you have any questions :wink:


I feel an enhancement here is very important, at least an option to suppress task notifications in templates. In our workflow, we have a template projects with many, many tasks in them, and it is confusing and distracting for users to have those tasks and deadlines show up in their task list, when it’s not from an actionable project, but rather just the template.

With the recent feature of adding relative dates to templates, having deadlines and assignees in templates makes so much sense. Except for this issue — which makes working with templates confusing.

I am aware of using the Later attribute to hide tasks in My Tasks, but it’s a pain to communicate that to everyone every time a template is created. It’s kind of a hack.

Is this problem still unresolved? The workaround of adding “TEMPLATE” to the task names is ridiculous – then they just need to be manually edited one by one, which defeats the purpose of the template.

It is, sorry to report.

@Claire_Vannette, Until there’s a better solution, I use one of these workarounds.


  • Don’t actually assign tasks in the template itself. Instead use tags with names like “Assign Claire” and then on instantiation of the template, search tasks with the “Assign Claire” tag, multi-select them, assign them to Claire, and remove the tag.


  • If you want assignments of template tasks, first multi-select all those to be assigned and add the tag “MOVE TO LATER” in one fell swoop, then select each person’s batch and assign to them. One time only, notify anyone who may get a template assignment and see this tag in their My Tasks to multi-select them, Mark for Later, and remove the tag in one action.

Not ideal, but the best workarounds I know of for now.


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Hmm, since the second option requires compliance from others, that one obviously won’t work. :wink: Thanks for the ideas!


Then Flowsana!

Though I’d think if folks care, then they are motivated to comply in order to unclutter their My Tasks, and you’re making it as easy as you can to do so. Fact is, many don’t even use My Tasks seriously (the Recently Assigned category is where all assigned tasks are unfortunately!) so for those people I wouldn’t think this shortcoming of templates even matters.

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We are trialling the upgrade and one of the main reasons was for the use of the templates. This task issue showing up ‘My Tasks’ as incomplete tasks is a big disappointment and has not met our expectations. As other users appear to have mentioned for some time now I would like to support the idea of making this a high priority to fix. Can anyone from ASANA give us an update on status of this problem please.

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Same complaint here. This is a real nuisance. We have a team of community managers on asana, with lots of recurring project templates. It’s a real nuisance. Please fix it. This thread has been going on for 2 years. Are the devs even listening?