Assigning Tasks in a Template

In setting up a template for a project that will have the same tasks assigned to the same people everytime the project is activated, there should be a way to designate the Assignees in the template without those tasks showing up in the Assignees task list before the project is even active. Templates are supposed to simplify and save time, and the way the system is designed, I now have to go in and assign not only the task but also all of the collaborators for each task everytime I want to activate the template as a project. I just don’t want all of these people to have bogus tasks in their task list that are really just part of a template, rather than an active project. I only want them visible when it’s a legitimate active project that needs their attention. Seems like a pretty significant design flaw.

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The Project Templates 2.0 release addresses your issues. It came out several months ago but you may have to opt in to update to it. For details, see:

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