Custom Templates Are A Letdown


I was excited when Asana said it would have custom templates. But their design makes them useless.


  1. The user sees a task assigned to them even though it’s a template. I read a few articles about hacking to move the tasks to Later category but that doesn’t work when the task is assigned to multiple projects. These tasks still show up in the projects even though they aren’t actionable tasks.

  2. When you create a new project with a template, it doesn’t copy the “other projects”, which are essential for us.


I don’t find them to be useless… they have helped us standardize our approach to several workflow/use-cases.

But, I agree they would be even better if a task assigned to a person in a project saved as a template was excluded from “my tasks”

Not sure what “other projects” means in the context of the second point but I’m curious…


The reason I say useless is that it added hardly any functionality. I already had “Templates” set up where I copy an existing project. The Custom Template integration did nothing different than what most users were already doing and actually took out functionality that existed with the copy project method.

The “other projects” refers to tasks being referenced in multiple projects. In my Template Project, I have tasks that are recreated for every individual project but they are also associated with “roll up” projects that only show milestones. When I copy my Template Project, it asks me if I want to copy the “other projects” it’s associated with when copying and that’s exactly what I want to do. Using the new Custom Template method, it erases all other associated projects. So for us, it’s actually worse to use a Custom Template structure.


Please up vote my request to fix this:

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