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We have set up a template but do not want to assign the tasks in the template. If we do this, all those template tasks will show up in a persons “to do” but there’s not really anything to do as it’s just a template. We’d like to create a column in the template, something like “responsible for” and then upon instantiation of template, the tasks in the instantiation would be assigned to the person who is responsible for. Hope that makes sense. Any suggestions?


That should not be the case → Say Hello to Project Templates 2.0!

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Apologies! I had not see the articles you posted. I see that this is fixed in templates 2.0. Thanks! Is there a way to close or delete my question?

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I just created a template and assigned myself a number of tasks in the template. They do not show up in “My Tasks”. Which is what I was hoping for! :woman_shrugging:

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