Project Overdue Tasks not showing up in My Tasks


I’m new to Asana and enjoying it tremendously. I am experiencing an issue, however. I have certain overdue tasks within certain projects that are not showing up in My Tasks. Within My Tasks the initial views are New Tasks and Today. When changing the view to Incomplete Tasks sorted by due date my overdue tasks in certain projects do not show up. What am I missing?

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Hi @Allen_Gutierrez! Glad you’re enjoying Asana - it’s actually changed the way I work for the better!

A quick question - are the overdue tasks in the projects you’re looking for assigned to you?


Hi Amy,

Yes. I don’t work within a team. Just use Asana as my digital to-do list.

Thank you,

Allen T. Gutierrez

Ok, sounds good. So, only tasks that are assigned to you specifically will show up in your My Tasks list.

Even though you work on your own, Asana doesn’t automatically assign tasks to you (unless you use the email to Asana function).

So, you have to manually assign every task to yourself. (This can be done in a group by pressing shift + down from the top of a task list).

Are the tasks you want to show up in your My Task list specifically assigned to you?


Versus unassigned.



Thank you so much, Amy!

Thank you,


You’re welcome @Allen_Gutierrez! Did that solve it?

Yes, it did solve it. I with in a minute had all my tasks showing up in My Tasks.

Thank you,

Allen T. Gutierrez


Hello, I have tasks that are overdue and are assigned to me, but they are not showing up in “my tasks.” I was able to find them because they are in my inbox. Please help:)

Welcome, @Rachel_Zook-Brimer,

I bet they really are in your My Tasks, but perhaps a filter, sort, collapsed section, or scrolling is why you can’t see them.

It may help to have a better strategy for your My Tasks. Many clients of mine and others have used my approach here: