Project list cannot be sorted as in Team window

In the sidebar menu of the desktop app, the projects are not sorted as they are in the Team window. My sidebar only has the options “alphabetical,” “recent,” and “top.” How can I sort the projects in sidebar menu the same way they are in Team?

Hi Zvi :wave:

Have a look at this: Project sorting in Team view needs page reloading There is already a bug issue regarding the Sorting in Team view… maybe the same bug has to do with the sidebar as well? Maybe not… I’m not sure.

For now you can try sorting all projects as you want and then refresh the browser window :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Hi @Zvi_Twersky , I feel that you are confusing the new ‘Projects’ section in the sidebar with how your projects are sorted within your Team, and this is reasonable since it appears you only have one team or you are in a workspace.

You will find that the projects within your team (in your image on the right), appear sorted the same way as when you hover your mouse over the team ‘VSA Designers’ in your sidebar.

As for the Projects section in your sidebar, you can read up on this here:

I wasn’t confused. I got my information from a solved post by @lpb (Larry Berger, Partner - Forum Leader), on post #16, in Custom sort project list?, who said “You can sort the Team’s project still, but now you must do so in the Team page. In the sidebar, click the Team name to view the Team page. Drag and drop the projects to reorder them. The results will both be reflected there and back in the sidebar when you…

Since I was reading the shortened version from within the quote, I was certain it was referring to the sidebar’s current project list. As I go to the actual post there, it reads: “The results will both be reflected there and back in the sidebar when you hover the team and see the popup list of projects.” Since the team section in the sidebar cannot stay expanded like the project list can, that’s not what I wanted.

That’s why I tried sorting the projects in the team window - thinking that the projects in the sidebar would be sorted the same.

You mention in your post “3.2 Why can’t I sort my projects the way I want?” that you should star your projects, then sort the starred ones in the sidebar. Though I have no idea why the design team felt this was more efficient than allowing custom sorting within the project section in the sidebar, it worked.

Exactly! Starring your projects is definitely one way of working around your issue.

Glad you found your way @Zvi_Twersky .
Sorry, didn’t mean any offense by using the word ‘confused’. :slight_smile:

Btw, you may also be interested in voting for this: Sort project list alphabetically within a Team

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