Project Feedback Loop Feature

Hey there,

Throwing out an idea as we test some project templates: a feedback/loop feature in a task or subtask. It would be awesome to be able to volley a task/subtask between people until complete so that each knows when its the other’s turn as you move back and forth to complete something. We often have 6-8 tasks that are just dependencies in order to flag when its someone’s turn to give or implement feedback. But this process is often more than just a few tasks back and forth, and can really flood our My Tasks and project boards as we build out rounds of feedback on a project. We often see our projects die here and resort to other tools.

Ex: I wireframe, need feedback internally, have to apply it and have that checked and sometimes apply again, have it checked again, then have it happen externally with the client, have it checked, sometimes have to do that loop again. We move on to design where this process continues. We move on to build where this process continues. And in the above project there are 8-10 tasks that say the same thing, are all dependent, and vary in how many rounds there are making it hard to templatize.

I envision a few solutions:

  • an automation that creates a new subtask for the next person in the loop so that they don’t have a bunch of dependencies :wink: Perhaps you could just set some rules “when a subtask titled " " or tagged with “” and is complete, create a task for yuser titled z for x number of days from task date” and so one so that templates can be structured across projects.
  • an automation that checks and unchecks completion, resets dependencies upon completion, OR reassigns the subtask to the next in a set group when complete is checked by someone other than the user with an additional “close loop” check to end the volley. “When x task is marked complete by userZ assign, y task to userA. When y task is marked complete by userA, reassign xtask to userZ for b number of days from completed y task date”.

Hi @Asher_Woltermann,

This is I think related to my post here; I never implemented anything on that idea but still find it potentially valuable - would be interesting to know your thoughts on it over on that thread.