Creating Design Tasks with Rounds of Revisions

Hi! I’m looking for ideas on how to structure design tasks that require several rounds of revisions and feedback.

I’ve been looking at Asana’s templates and examples for Creative workflow, and while those include Design tasks that span a few days and have “Ready for Review” properties, they do not indicate when the first draft or feedback is due. (Unless there’s a template / example I’ve missed?)

As a result, we’re running into communication issues around due dates, where some projects owners assume the “Due Date” is the FINAL completion date, and others for the first draft. So I’m trying to create a consistent structure to indicate when design drafts and feedback are due.

Currently, I’m breaking down the task into subtasks like “Upload Round 1 of Design” and “Review Round 1 of Design” and that works okay. But because subtasks don’t inherit their parent task name, it gets confusing when a bunch of tasks with generic titles like “upload round one” appear in My Tasks.

I suppose I could copy/paste the parent task name into each subtask like “Holiday Email Design: Upload First Draft”, but that is a lot of manual editing for every task that comes around.

Is there a smarter way to handle this? Would appreciate any thoughts, ideas, or commiseration! Gotta love the ~creative~ process. :crazy_face:



I think your basic approach is a good one and what I generally recommend.

In most views the parent task is actually visible, like this:

R2 Amend design < Parent task name appears here

If you want to make it more explicit, it would be a lot of manual effort to add the parent task to all subtasks, but perhaps (@Phil_Seeman) could help.


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I’ll definitely check out Flowsana! Thanks for the tip.

I’d love to be able to utilize Asana’s “approval tasks” (with Approval / Request Changes / Reject functions), but they seem to overcomplicate set-ups like mine that already include edit rounds. Still noodling on that…

Thanks again for your thoughts – I’ve got Flowsana’s site pulled up now :grinning:

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