Project Due / Overdue / No Due Date Report

Is there a report or view to query overdue projects? It would be helpful to run this via Team, Portfolio and Project Owner. List View would be preferred and possibly the ability to add custom fields. Default columns should include project name, owner, status, due date , progress (task/milestone option). Custom fields should be an option…including Date created.

This is different than being On Track, At Risk, etc. I’m looking for a report that is date based in relation to the current date.

I’ve tried:
Chart style = #
Report on = Projects
Value = project count
2 Filters:
-Due date within last x months
-Project status and uncheck Complete.

This queried 12 of 30+ projects that are overdue.

Thanks in advance for thoughts.

Hi Karen,

You could do an advanced search but it wouldn’t show progress. You best bet is to have a portfolio, use the sort by date and then filter by owner etc