Project Details - Additional Fields & Form



Our architectural design team has found the ability to add custom fields to a project that appear on each task to be a great feature and very beneficial.

Another feature that would be helpful is to be able to create custom fields for the project itself, in addition to the Project Name and Description.

For example, our projects always require a project type, client contact info, location, and some other specific factors about the project. If we could add these fields to our template and they appeared in the project details, this would be very beneficial when working through a project.

Currently we store this information in Microsoft OneNote Notebook, which could be eliminated from our workflow with this added feature.


I like this idea as well. I work for an architectural firm and am currently ‘shopping around’ for project management software. Asana is in the top 3 and being able to add additional info to project name/description area would be awesome.