Additional, searchable fields under project details

It would be very helpful to have customizable and searchable fields under the project details tab. That way we could search across all of our teams and projects that contain certain fields. This would also create the ability to store contact information relating to each project in one spot and be able to export it later through a search.

Hi @Hayden_Benoit , welcome to the forum :smiley:
You can in fact add custom fields to your projects that will show up in the ‘i’ Project details menu.
But to do this you will need to be on a ‘Business’ plan where you can access ‘Portfolios’ (in the upper left menu).
For each Portfolio that you create, you can add specific custom fields to it. Then for each project that you add to that Portfolio, it will ‘adopt’ those custom fields, which will then show up in the ‘i’ Project details menu.
Additionally, these custom fields can also show up in Status Updates!

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