Progress Status Updates for the Mobile App

My name is Scott and I work for a general contractor. We have a small crew for both the office and field and we’ve begun using Asana to monitor all of our on going and upcoming projects. The feature we love most about Asana is the dashboard and the progress status updates that show up in the dashboard. From there we can see the last thing anyone has done on the project as well as sort the priority with the status colors.
It is nice that we can have conversations on anything, but we have so many projects going on at any given moment that we have just defaulted to having all of our conversations through status updates. It’s easier for us to stay on top of the multitude of projects we have when we can see all of them so easily through the dashboard.

We would like to use the Asana’s mobile app to be able to update this status that we see in the dashboard because we aren’t always in the office and or foreman is rarely in the office. I will often do a site visit for an estimate on my way home from the office in the afternoons and I have no way of updating the progress status until I get to work the next morning.

Now that I’ve had some experience with Asana I realize that at its core Asana is an app that helps people monitor huge projects with tons of people and many different things that need to get done that might span months. So for us to use the app to monitor 30 different projects/potential customers at once that all require the basic same process of how we go from meeting the customer to doing their project, might not be what it was originally designed to do. However, I feel like there is great potential for Asana to help business’s like ours that have a plethora of small projects versus large intricate projects.