Progress chart - filter no longer available?


The option to filter progress chart by project sections (as described under ‘Filter Progress Chart’ here: ) is no longer available to me. This was an essential part of our project management.

Please reinstate the option to filter progress chart. Or, if I am misunderstanding something, please advise.


I’m seeing this too, along with some added functionality in Progress (Overdue, Incomplete and Completed counts and links).

I, too, definitely would not want to see the section filters removed in the progress chart; it would often render the chart completely unusable.




I am seeing the same thing. Losing the ability to filter the progress chart by List section is a huge loss of functionality for us. Due to the way we use and organize Lists, not having the ability to filter the Progress Chart by specific List sections makes it useless for the majority of our projects.

Can someone at Asana respond to this thread and let us know:

  • Was this done on purpose?
  • Is there another way to do this filtering, if not can you restore the prior functionality?


Hi folks and apologies for the late reply! I’ve enquired with our Product Team, and I can confirm that this feature was removed in order to maximize speed and stability. Looks like we’re not planning to bring it back in the near future, but as always, we’re opened to feedback and will take them on board when making future decisions, so please continue voting on this post and let us know why and how useful this feature was for you and your team. My sincere apologies for any convenience caused, on my end I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I’ll get more information.


Hi @Marie,

Some more detail, as you requested:

Most projects I use have a Reference section and/or an Instruction section (or other similar related but less important sections for various purposes) which would need to be excluded from the tally but now can’t be.

The only workaround I see is to create a pair of projects (in order to isolate the actionable tasks in a project); no one likes that!

In some cases maybe that could be worked around by using the Project Description field for this other info, but that often isn’t the best way to go, as Asana’s own Templates demonstrate–they include non-actionable tasks in projects with otherwise only actionable tasks, so projects generated from those templates will be tallied incorrectly too.

Also, it would be greatly appreciated if feature removals are communicated in some manner.




Project progress section filter is yet available via Dashboard. Such filter affects only Dashboard graphs, and Project Progress view available via Dashboard.

Not shure how long this functionality will still work though (given decision to eliminate the feature).


Today they announced via email that the dashboards feature will be removed. So this work around is gone then as well :confused: