Producteev Migration to Asana

Producteev is end of life (EOL) as of May 11th, 2018. There will be thousands of users needing to migrate their data to a new task management platform. You are able to export your Producteev tasks and projects as a CSV file. What are the best practices to migrate this data to Asana so that the data will be in line with Asana’s platform? I see that Asana has a CSV import tool, is this the best way to migrate the data or does a third party or Asana plan on a particular import tool to do this for past Producteev users? The biggest issue is that people have thousands of projects with historical data and Producteev is shutting down & all for the data will be lost as of May 11th, 2018.


Check whether Asana is just for you … We, at our company, moved to Quire - The UI is a lot like Producteev’s, but much more upgraded - maybe the best alternative to Producteev so far … There is a great migration tool, too: How to migrate to Quire? Copy and paste.

This is probably too late as today is the 11th, but if you find a PM that imports Producteev and has a robust CSV export, sign up for trial and use them as a bridge to Asana CSV import.

Ivaylo you’re absolutely right! My team has moved to Quire and we think the platform is absolutely gorgeous and powerful enough. Asana has too many features and somehow our team thinks it’s too complicated for a startup. Right now with their FREE pricing, it’s pain-free and cost-free for our small team. They also offer migration from Asana: