Transition tracking tools to Asana

Hi We recently launched Asana in our team, but teammembers are using another tracking tool and have difficulty in transitioning existing ones to Asana? What is the possible solution for a smooth Transitioning?

Hi @Anisha_Juglan what tool is it they are using? Depends on if it is a native integration or if it needs to be built

And I’d further suggest, consider both the data migration AND the user retraining and winning hearts :heartpulse: and minds :brain:. Make sure you understand all important use cases, and define an Asana solution for them. I wouldn’t leave users to figure it out on their own.

@Danielle-GenD @Stephanie_Oberg1 They have been using Sticky notes and sheets up until now, and we recently launched Asana so its a fairly new concept for all, any beginner transition tips? We want to make it really smooth for the teammembers aiming to gradually decrease the use of sticky notes and sheets.

Know your users. Understand their major pain points and most important use cases. Develop, test, document and train on solutions for all major asks.

As to speed and pace of transition, slow migration isn’t the easiest. If I’m spending 90% of my project management time in sheets and notes, then I’ll want to make it 100%…the motivation to move may not be there. I’d recommend more like:

Plan → Trial & Feedback → Adjust → Phased Rollout (by team, by project, by some other logical subdivision)

Either you PULL users towards Asana with some incredible features or functions, or you PUSH them by setting up a plan and pipeline as above.