Moving data from another Proj Mgmnt application



We have just moved to Asana and wanting to migrate our data rom another application, what would you say is the best way to do that?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Samuel,

you are able to just copy & paste a bunch of lines to create new tasks. Also there is a CSV import.

To import structured data I recommend to use the API however as this allows better control for custom fields etc.

For sure you would be able to import historical data as well. I doubt however if you would benefit from it as you might loose the chronological history (setting dates on system fields won’t be possible for example).

What are your requirements?

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Thanjs for the response, Patrick.

We are moving from Mondays (another PM software) to Asana currently, and I want to migrate some of the data over to Asana.

So, that’s the requirements.


Hi Samuel,

I’m familar with Monday. I assume you are using custom columns there and want to migrate those to custom fields in Asana. As far as I know there is no build-in feature at the moment.

What would be possible is using the API actually. Monday has a comprehensive one as well. We are experienced with both ones. So just in case this is an option for you, we would be able to setup a simple migration tool that allows selecting a board and migrate it to Asana. Feel free to email me at in case you are interested.

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Patrick - I dropped you an email. Thanks for reaching out.