Product Order Tracking for Manufacturing

My company manufactures custom electronic control panels for buildings. I’m looking for a way to track all of the PO’s that I receive for orders and then provide packing slips for these orders once they ship out. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!

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Did you try to start with a simple project listing the PO? What other features do you need?

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Hi Bastien,

I haven’t tried that specifically but I’m currently tracking the order within a larger project itself. On my team we basically start with design of these panels and then proceed to manufacture them all under 1 project each. See screenshot as an example of our template we use for projects. I’m currently only using the basic version of Asana but I’m looking to upgrade soon.

Hey @Rick_Gallant One other thing you might want to take a look at is using a Board (vs a List) to track your orders through your fulfillment pipeline. You can still keep the tasks in the list view, but you have the option of adding each task independently (or batch) to the Board as well, so the tasks live in both projects. That way you could get a Kanban style view of what stage each item is in and just drag them over as they progress.


Ok thanks @ClientCentric. I’ll give that a shot.