Purchase order supply chain tracking

Is anyone using Asana to track supplier shipments/purchase orders? We have over 100 purchase orders placed with overseas suppliers at any one time, and need to track the status of each order and their shipping status.

Hey @Jackie_Clark1 welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Yes you can definitely set this up easily with sections and custom fields, rules etc.

I‘d probably set up all the stages a purchase order goes through via sections and then use custom fields for other data such as payment status for the purchase order, supplier name etc

This way you can then filter your data easily.

You might also find suitable templates here: Asana Templates - Free Project, Management and Business Templates • Asana and on Templana

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks Andrea.

I often use Board view, but I think for this project I might try List view (and trail Asana premium for custom fields).

Will share what I create in case it’s of any use to others.



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Hey @Jackie_Clark1,
the good thing is that whatever view you prefer you can always switch to any other. So let’s say you prefer list view, a colleague prefers board view and another one timeline view. All in the same project, one set up and you can just switch the view :slight_smile:

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