Construction Contractor Product Tracking Use Case

I work as warehouse manager / IT with my company and for every job sold I have to buy and track all the product that isn’t supplied by vendors. At first I made a separate project for each job but it was getting tedious to flip back and forth between 15+ projects so I condensed it all down to one project and thought I would share how I did it!

  1. My Sections indicate phases: Waiting, Ordering, Ready for Delivery, On Hold
  2. Each task is another job and I assign the correct phase. Then a rule moves it to the corresponding section.
  3. Each individual item is a subtask and is categorized into : Pick up, Ordered, Received, and Hold
  4. I have list of places we mostly buy from
  5. PO# are mostly used when picking up items, like tile.
  6. Date received/ready are to note estimated times
  7. The due date is when the product should be on site
  8. I assign myself only to subtasks so I can see them in the calendar and a bonus is that the subtask refers back to the main task which is the job name so at a glance I know what product and where it is going.
  9. The great part about housing all of this in one project is that I can use the dashboard to see what all I have being delivered or what needs to be picked up. Which tile places have orders… etc.
  10. Lastly, I connect the subtasks to my Warehouse tasks project and it orders them by status so my warehouse runner can see what we have and what needs to be picked up.

Asana has made my work so much more efficient. I hope this helps you as much as it has me!

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Thanks for sharing your use case, @Zee_Pepmiller! very helpful!

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Pretty cool use case!

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