Problems with Office 365 - Asana Integration

We are stuggling with being able to use asana with our O365 shared email. It works fine with the O365 email account of each user, but not with the shared email. Do you still have a solution?

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Do you refer to your team using the same email address?
A shared inbox per se should definitely not create an issue if everybody has an alias email address.
We have this in our team also for some people who only use an alias email within one main inbox.
However they would have to login to Asana with their email and password combination and not via gmail directly for example.

No. the email address for the group is xxxxx which is different from mine and the other people’s primary email address in the group . There are 3 others in the group. It all works fine in the desk top version but in 0365 only, when we are in an email within that group, we cannot create tasks from the email.


Hey @Carmen_Heck,
just to let you know I have removed the email address from your comment so others don’t see any confidential information.

Now in regards to the Office 365 Asana Integration have a look here:

Try de-installing and installing it again and if it still does not work I recommend reaching out to support: How to contact our Support Team ✉

Thanks for both!


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