Problem connecting to OneDrive


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
When trying to connect to OneDrive to attach a document to a task, I select OneDrive and I get a window that pops up to select the OneDrive account that I would like to link to. There is currently only one option, which is linked to my work email account. When I select that email address/account the pop-up window disappears, however there is nothing else that happens. No other pop up window or anything comes up.

Steps to reproduce:
Select attachment, OneDrive, email account…then nothing.

Browser version:
I’ve checked in Edge and in Chrome and both are rendering the same result

Upload screenshots below:

Note: I’m not sure if there is something with the browser that needs to be changed. This also might be an issue on our end. We technically have a OneDrive space that is a personal space as well as a main work space. I’m thinking how that is set up might be interfering here.

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hi @Katie_Reynolds, could you give a go to this solution? OneDrive picker never loads

Looking forward to your reply!


Thanks Marie :slight_smile: I did check the browser settings and it is set to allow third party cookies. It looks like there is no good fix right now though, is that correct?



I am able to use the workaround where I select My Computer and select OneDrive from there. It might be easier to point to a OneDrive location through a link rather than an attachment anyway. Thanks @Marie. You can close this thread.


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