Unable to connect to Onedrive with Microsoft business account

I can’t connect to Onedrive with my Microsoft Business account. I get this error: “You don’t have a Microsoft account”, but I definitely have a business account. In addition, it works fine when I try to sign in with my personal Microsoft account. Anyone else with this problem?

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I’m having the same issue, and unfortunately have had no luck troubleshooting this yet. Can’t tell if this is a Microsoft issue or Asana. I’m able to attach files from OneDrive/Sharepoint just fine within a task, but adding a rule to upload a document to OneDrive isn’t allowing me to connect.

Same issue.

I am experiencing this issue, too.

Yeah, I have the same issue. It seems you can only connect a private OneDrive and not a OneDrive for Business. Would be great if this could be fixed quickly.