Private Project and Assigning to Custom Section in My Tasks

I am currently using an Asana premium subscription. We do not have access to many rules.

I have created a private project for myself where I can add my own projects as well as reoccurring meetings with my team. I prefer these tasks to be private so I can take notes and refer back to them as needed. When I assign a reoccurring meeting under my private project, it also listed the reoccurring meeting under My Tasks. Under my tasks, I prefer to sort my view using custom sections. When I assign a reoccurring meeting under my private project, I am able to assignee the reoccuring meeting to me and update the custom section to be listed under the appropriate section under My tasks. When I check off the meeting as completed, a new reoccurring meeting will display under my private project. This is functioning correctly but the custom section defaults to the last custom section I have under My tasks and not the custom section I initially selected. Does anyone know a way to fix this? See attached image.

Thank you!


If you are willing to make your Meetings section the last section in your My Tasks, then you can go to Profile image > Settings > Hacks > and toggle on Recurring tasks in the last section of My Tasks:

I believe that’s the only way to do what you’re asking.

May I move this thread to Tips and Tricks from this private section so 500k+ others can benefit too?



Thank you so much for your reply. I already had this hack checked. It is easy enough to move it to the last section but I prefer my meeting custom section to be up top in My tasks.

Moved to Tips and Tricks. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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