Priority Column - Project linked to My Tasks?

When a task in a project is marked as high priority, how come the priority column in My Tasks isn’t updated as well? Are these 2 fields not connected?

Hi @Chantelle_Drury , welcome to the forum :wave:

It sounds like the two Priority fields you are using are different. I would recommend to edit the field title of the Priority field which is in your project by adding a :fire: or whatever else you want to make it identifiable. Next, still in the field’s edit menu, make sure that the first checkmark is checked ‘Add to [your org’s name] field library’.

Then in your My tasks, add the custom field by searching for it from your library by looking for the one with the :fire: emoji (instead of using the Priority field from the ‘Popular’ section in the dropdown from the + button). Don’t forget to remove the old priority field in your My tasks.

All the above could also be done in reverse, depending on whether your project or your My tasks have the most tasks with the priority field’s values populated.

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