Task field in project vs. task field in My Tasks

I’m a little confused about how this works or how I should set up to work better: I have a project with a task, priority listed as “medium.” That task, when it appears on “My Tasks” does NOT have a priority listed. They both have priority fields…why don’t they map over from one to another? Is there a way to make them connected?

Hope this makes sense. Thank you for your help.

Chrissy, Can you confirm if both the project and your My Tasks are using a “library” defined field? In order to share values across projects, my understanding is that they should be defined as a shared library field, instead of a “locally” defined field in the project. This is my experience anyways! ~jenn

Good question! I’m not clear on the terms, but here is what I did to get the fields:

In My Tasks I added the priority field in the customize menu (turned it on)

In the project, I clicked on the “plus” in the last column in the list view and added priority.

Not sure if that means they are “library” defined?

Thanks for your help.

To know if you are using the same field, there is an easy test: open a task assigned to you that also belongs to the project → if you see 2 “Priority” fields in the task pane on the right, then you did not choose a field in the library but instead created 2 fields. Let us know!