Priority Assignment - Custom Field

Joining the ‘how is this not a thing’ hype train!

Hi. This conversation seems to be going on for years. Asana when are you going to enable a ‘priority’ flag in task view?


Been monitoring this since 2016 with no result and here we are in 2019 and headed for 2020 …


Just piling on here. I really need to sort my task view by priority. With all the upgrades you all have recently implemented, this should be fairly simple.

Yes let’s get going on this please!
We’ve set up a “report” that pulls in priority tasks assigned to oneself, but My Tasks should for sure have ability to pull in custom fields.

Also want this feature. I go somewhere to view tasks and want the software to sort based on my provided priorties. We’re in a stage of evaluating Asana right now and its hard to imagine using it without this basic functionality for a task manager!

With the massive support from users, we should be able to get some movement on this…

I Found some feature request pages people can upvote:

Also some useful workarounds for the time being?

I’m disappointed to see how long this has been asked for in how many ways yet falling on deaf ears

+1 . Why isn’t this available yet? This is without a doubt a critical feature to an aligned and productive team! @Alexis @Asana_Administrator any updates? Is it on the roadmap yet? What can we as users do to increase the priority and delivery time on this?

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That’s definitely the only custom field to add in our personal task !

Love the product, but agree with this post, adding priorities is critical to me as well.

I use Asana as a task management tool, and find that the list gets too long to keep track of…given the need of having to understand which tasks need to be completed/move forward on any given day.

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Same thing here. The ability to sort all tasks by priority is a deal breaker for us. Any updates? It’s pretty ironic that we still cannot do that and this tool is supposed to be for project management… :open_mouth:

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Adding yet another vote for the obvious - including a priority field on individual tasks, making it easily viewable/ accessible, and allowing to filter on this field would be a standard feature of a task list IMO. This is a great app in so many respects…would love to see this feature implemented.

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Add one more (well, a team) of folks looking for this feature. Hoping we won’t have to wait years longer to be able to add more columns to display in the “my tasks” so we can either sort by an Asana implemented priority, or the custom priority we are using now.

You’ve already done the hard work of coding these features in the List view of an individual project. Just implement the same things in My Tasks.

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Well I have some projects, created from different templates; in some I can see Priority tag but not in the others. I could not figure out how to add it.

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I’m setting my team up on Asana now and we need this functionality for Asana to work for us - is there an update on when/if it will be added?

I can’t believe this has been pending for almost 4 years and there still is not a solution. How is this possible?

+1 on this problem. I need to be able to add the priority tag across all my projects and I have found no solutions.

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Four years on, just popping in to +1 this. For now, we create a custom report for each teammate, which is a pain.

Diddo. I’d like the option to save the priority task view (eg Must Do) too like you can a tag. If not, allowing there to be a rule that automatically tags an item based on a priority or custom field value would be great. Your Premium version isn’t worth it with out this.

+1 this will be a great feature


This is very simple code…not sure its not been approved.