Mark task as Priority

It would be awesome if we could mark a task as a priority, so we could visually identify it among other tasks in the board
The idea is to add the option “Mark as priority” in suspended menu (Check Image attached) andasana%20feature

Hi @Samuel_Geron and welcome to the forum :wave:,

You can add a custom field to your project that will help you identify the priority status of your tasks. Asana even has a field already for this that you can use or you can create your own custom field.


Just add the custom field to your project and assign your tasks appropriately. You can then filter by your priority if needed. You can also use tags to denote priority level as well, but I think the custom fields are better for this.



Hi @Samuel_Geron and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! In addition to the solution @Katie_Reynolds already offered, you could also use Milestones to help identify imortant task. More info on Milestones available here :point_right: How to Get Started With Asana Milestones | Product guide • Asana