Pricing page unreachable, it seems, if logged in; allow it to be viewed again

Asana Pricing | Free, Premium, Business, & Enterprise plans β€’ Asana used to to the pricing page (columns comparing the plans) regardless of whether one was logged in to Asana.

Now it instead goes to Log in - Asana

It would be great to restore the previous behavior.



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Oh true the comparison table now only shows when logged in.


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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @lpb! I will share it with our Product Team and will update this thread if I have more information.

Just to confirm I am getting this all

Thanks, @Emily_Roman!

@Andrea_Mayer, for me it’s the opposite; it doesn’t show when logged in and does show as expected only when not logged in.



Hello everyone, and thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback!

Our Product Team has thoroughly reviewed this thread and confirmed that the recent change was indeed part of an A/B test. After careful consideration, we have opted to revert this change for the time being. We are committed to refining this update to ensure an optimal experience, especially for our non-billing owners.

Moving forward, you should have to the pricing page, just as before. Let us know if you experience any issues!

Rest assured, we will keep you updated if we decide to reintroduce this update in the future! :slight_smile:


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