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I’ve been waiting for Asana to introduce a plan for “1 user” since over a year now but still nothing. I know Asana is built with teams in mind, but I operate as an independent freelancer and use Asana solely by myself. I would love to pay a premium subscription per month (say $10/month) but paying $37.5 a month because we can’t purchase less than 5 seats is TOO much. I will never have a team nor do I need one. I’ve been told over a year ago that my request has been passed along but seeing all this time without an update make me wonder if there’s any actual plans for Asana to consider this.

I know Asana is free, but I also want to use advanced premium features like task dependencies and custom fields, but at $37.5 for one user that’s almost insane.

Can you please let me know if you can make exceptions or if you’re working on this already, with any ETA on when this will roll out? I can pay up to $15/month if that’s possible I’d appreciate if you someone from sales contacts me and I’ll send the payment any way you like so you can enroll me in the automatic monthly payment.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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