Possible to add text to multiple sections? "Details" screen using term "Projects" suggests yes, but ...

On the Task details screen the label says “Projects” which suggest possible to connect a single task to multiple projects. I’d like to do that but I can see it appears to be only a one-project for each task.

If not possible, is there a tip to how to show up a task in multiple projects? Dependancy not really what I want.

If you put your mouse over this project there is a “+” sign that will appear, allowing you to “multi-home” the task.

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My bad. I meant another “section” not project.

Right now as setting up the tasks/items into sections which I imagine in due course will be come projects as Asana recognises.

Hi @rms, thanks for reaching out! You can add your task to multiple projects and also associate the task to a different section on each project: Add tasks to multiple projects • Asana

If this is not what you are trying to achieve, please send us more details! Thank you. :slight_smile:


Thanks … simply, I want a task assigned to 2 or more “SECTIONS” within the same project.

Right now at this stage of developing these activities, everything is in one project, but the sections will migrate to new projects but that immaterial now.

Your only chance is this:

  • create a custom field of type dropdown multi-select
  • sort the project by that field and disable “sort within sections”
  • you get visual sections based on the field, and a task can now be part of several sections

Does this help?

That sounds perfect. I’m away from Global HQ right now, but will do this later today. Thanks!

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