When using Projects field to multihome a task, specify which section of the new project it appears in

Hi folks,

My team use multihoming a lot to make sure their tasks are appearing in all relevant projects. We usually turn on the Projects field (in List view) to make it easy to see which tasks are multihomed.

Some of the team also like using the Projects field to add a task to another project, but when they do the task either appears in the top section of the project, or Asana creates a new section called “Uncategorized” for it. Either way, that makes it easy for the task to get lost in that second project, since it isn’t where it belongs.

Could we get an update to that Projects field that means users can use it to add a task to a specific section of another project, not just to the project in general?

@Forum-team, Did something change deliberately or otherwise?

It used to be that in the List View column you could choose the section of the project; not currently though.

I recall there was a Forum thread a few months ago (that I can’t find even though I tried) where the second multi-homed project caused a bug and merged the two project/section pills incorrectly but that was fixed. Now the ability to set/see the section is gone, it appears.



Thanks Larry, good to know - I hope that means it’ll return soon…

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