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We have several products that launches every year. So far, it looks like the best way to track all of this is to create a project per product launch as oppose to putting all the products under one project. Reason for this is because my flowchart that I need to convert into a project is more product planning and product launch. This of it like a product life cycle which includes from the conception of the product to the installation into stores…

With the information above, my questions are:

  1. is there a way to get a timeline of all the product launches while in Portfolio?
  2. is reviewing milestone the best way to see progression?

@DJI, There is no timeline view across a Portfolio, but there’s another thread where you can vote specifically for this, and also I’ve posted there about an alternative solution I offer that includes timeline across projects, and more:

Otherwise, perhaps milestones and custom fields are your best alternatives.


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Hi @DJI :wave:t3:

We’re just after releasing a new Timeline view for Portfolios! Have a look at this announcement for more information :point_right: Portfolios now come with a Timeline view!

Have a great Monday!

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