I need to create planner for a number of projects that all have the same stages and view it as a time line. Any idea how to set it up PLEASE.

I have a number of projects that all go through the same 6 stages. i jus want to have an oveeview - time line - of where i am with all of them. Would anyone be able to share their experience on how to set this up. Many Thanks.

You can multi-home the project’s tasks (or at least some of them) into one single project for which you look at timeline. Would that work?

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One option you could consider is using Project Milestones and Portfolios. You would start by first creating Milestones on each project in a way that makes sense for the project. Maybe you make a Milestone for when you start a stage or complete a stage in that project, the choice is really up to you. Once you have the Milestones created across all your projects you would then create a Portfolio and add all of the projects to the Portfolio. From there you can use the Timeline view of the Portfolio to quickly look across all of your projects in the portfolio and where you are with accomplishing the Milestones of each project. Here is a more detailed guide on how to set up and use Portfolios in Asana

Another way that wouldn’t provide a timeline view but might still be useful is using a Portfolio to view what stage all of your projects are on a single screen. You would accomplish this by creating a custom field on your Portfolio called “Project Stage” with list of values that correspond to the stage name. As you move a project forward to a new stage, you would update this custom field in the portfolio appropriately and then you could quickly see what Project Stage each project is currently in. The guide I linked above also provides details on how to set up and use custom fields in Portfolios.

I am sure there are other ways to accomplish this and I would be happy to see if anyone else has some good methods for this!

Hopefully this helps!

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Milestones is the method that we are accomplishing this. We generate 150+ projects a quarter with our business setup and milestones on the portfolio timeline view is the only way we have found to see this high-level view of where each project is. I would love to see more development on this type of workflow management.

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Hello. To be able to plan and having an overview of the workload i am using the integrations InstaGantt. maybe it can help you: Instagantt + Asana: Create custom charts • Asana

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